_We’ve got a smooth set of tunes coming right up for you cool alley cats burning the midnight gasoline, only on 98.6 FM, your pan-Heartland radio station. Let’s kick things off this evening with a homegrown cover of a Joy Division classic, perfect for another lonely evening on an overgrown country road. Unlike the originals, these crooners have been getting their happy ending, but before we spin the record I want you to close your eyes, roll down your windows, and take your hands off the steering wheel.

Hey, it’s just for a second now, so don’t nobody panic.

You’re panicking anyway, aren’t you, just because I put that thought in your head? Heart’s leaping and your toes are tapping because I told you to do something naughty. Go on. You know what the man Crowley wrote: You’re free, and freedom tastes like anarchy and sacrilege, sunrise over the desert and winters by the loch, and bugs in your teeth as you blow past the wooden farm fences at seventy miles per hour.

Good, you did it. You get that, now, the gale singing over the edge of your door? It’s God’s woodwinds section, and if you listen real hard, you can catch the pecking scavenger birds accompanying the gallows string quartet on percussion. We’ll play anything that’s got groove here on 98.6 FM, from classic rock to modern bluegrass, but there’s no substitute for the raw setting itself as the soundtrack at the start of an epic.

Give it another minute. You can open your eyes if you need to. Take in what stars you can through the light pollution.

Okay. You done?

Hit play.

The Killers, “Shadowplay_

Godwalkers is a two-player campaign set primarily in the Chicago tri-state area, with excursions outside its boundaries as the winds of fate dictate. Unlike my other ongoing AP, the structure for this game was set ahead of time, and I’m its full-time GM. The three of us are set to play once a week for six hours at a time, which should move the pace along nicely. Two of us are even Wisconsin natives, so you know we mean it when we wax poetic on the rolling oceans of corn.

The plot’s focus is on the travels of two inexperienced changelings, driven forward by the stick of a Keeper’s army and the carrot of a something one of them can’t help but chase. Memory, loyalty, ambition, religion, and conformity all play in as heavy themes. Although we’re using GMC rules everywhere we can, NWoD’s entire canon is fair game for inspiration, as you’ll see in the prologues. Because the game is based around a road trip, and road trips are nothing without a soundtrack, I’m including a DVD bonus for you readers: A DJ playing the role of a Greek chorus who introduces every chapter with a tune and some subtle foreshadowing. His part’s written after the session’s over; I may be a GM, but I’m not psychic, and the PCs play just as much a role in where the story’s going.

Final note on structure: One of the characters, by my design, is an amnesiac who remembers nothing but uncontrolled flashes of his life before his prologue begins. If you’ve read my other writing you can guess all those blank years don’t add up to anything good, but they do make for a unique roleplaying experience. (The other character, naturally, has plenty of surprises in store for him as well.)

On to the PCs! Austin’s player is a former GM of mine, and they brought Jack’s player – who they knew from prior gaming – in with them. It’s crazy exciting having two veteran online players on board, and they haven’t disappointed so far.

Austin O’Borneas is Summer adrenaline junkie, sporting the markings of an Airtouched that reference both his Durance as the wind in his Keeper’s realm, and his prior career as a storm chaser. Boredom’s his greatest fear; in fact, its impact on him is so potent that it drove him out of Arcadia itself. In spite of some flexible moral values, he’s a friendly, agreeable guy (until he suddenly isn’t, but that’s Summer for you).

Jack Corneille is a Courtless Roteater wearing the bony body of a starving human-shaped corvid. His life is a near-blank before July 17, 2014, when he woke up on a Megabus heading north with nothing but a spare set of clothes, a handgun, and some loose change to his fake name; everything before that moment is a hazy stream of memories of life on the run…and Arcadia. He’s got an instinctive affection for writing and a love of whispering hard truths in the ears of the unready, but the ghost of his past that haunts him the hardest is the hook in his chest that tells him he’s incomplete, and can’t be whole unless he follows where it tugs to the end of its line.

And that’s the campaign! Aside from some minor copy editing it’s all being presented as we typed it for maximum authenticity. Sit back, get comfy, and enjoy the free ride.